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Personalised Illustration Faceless Whole Family Portrait Canvas

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Step into a world where love paints the canvas, not facial features. Our faceless family portraits capture the invisible threads that weave your souls together, whispering stories of shared laughter and quiet moments. Each silhouette dances with emotion, composing a timeless masterpiece that celebrates the essence of your bond.

How it works?

Upload your photo and we will illustrate it for you. We will email you the illustration for your approval, and we accept two rounds of  revisions. Illustrations will take two days to complete

12 x 12 inches: Mini Masterpieces of Love

Nestle these intimate glimpses on a bedside table or bookshelf. Bottle up shared smiles and quirky gestures, preserving them in pint-sized portraits that bring joy to any cozy space.

12 x 18 inches: Graceful Elegance in Every Silhouette

This versatile size bridges portrait and landscape, letting silhouettes tell tales of grand adventures or intimate kitchen conversations. Adorn your workspace with artistic sophistication, offering a window into your family's joyful spirit.

20 x 20 inches: Square Symmetry for a Balanced Story

The classic square whispers harmony and unity. This size showcases the interconnectedness of your family, presenting a balanced, timeless portrait. Make a bold statement or create a captivating gallery wall celebrating your bond's different facets.

30 x 30 inches: Artistic Grandeur that Demands Attention

Intricate details, playful braids, and shared smiles all shine on this expansive canvas. A conversation starter that commands admiration, it transforms your living room into a gallery-worthy space. Ignite reflection and conversation with a piece that celebrates the invisible threads that bind you.

30 x 40 inches & 31 x 44 inches: Statement-Making Excellence

Go beyond the ordinary. These grand sizes are the pinnacle of canvas art, ready to transform any space into a breathtaking gallery. Tell the story of your family's love in a format that captivates viewers and demands attention. Create a showstopping centerpiece that becomes the heart of your home, celebrating the beauty of connection beyond the face with a masterpiece that will be cherished for generations.

Let your family's story whisper from the canvas. Choose your size, personalise your masterpiece, and embrace the art of connection.

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    Our Reviews


    Emma Elmas
    Emma Elmas
    review stars

    amazing quality and service. I love my photo so much. thankyou

    Carley Louise
    Carley Louise
    review stars

    absolutely love my canvas definitely ordering some more

    Gemma Carr
    review stars

    I absolutely love my canvas thanks so much would definitely recommend ordering from here I would buy more if I had somewhere to put them 🙈

    Lisa Apsley
    Lisa Apsley
    review stars

    So pleased with my Christmas canvas, thank you so much

    review stars

    Absolutely love our canvas😍Its so beautiful and sparkly . Everyone loved theirs as gifts on Christmas Day. Printing bee were very helpful and edited few of the photo for us. Will deffo use again 🙂

    Lauren Molloy
    Lauren Molloy
    review stars

    Love my canvas I ordered! Will definitely be ordering again.

    Emily Gillard
    review stars

    Had a canvas of my dog off this company and absolutely love it!!! thankyou so much will deffinately be ordering more stuff in the future thankyou so much I love it.

    Emily Hunter
    review stars

    Couldn’t recommend enough! I’m in love with our diamond dust canvas and will be ordering more ❤️